Paying for a manually placed order or paying additional funds on an order update

            ISSUE:  An order has been placed or updated but not yet paid.  
            SOLUTION:  HolidayCoro customer service will send you a link for payment that looks similar to:


            1. Click the link provided
            2. When you go to this link, log into your HolidayCoro account if prompted
            3. Indicate if this payment is to be applied to a specific order (this is the default), select the method of payment from the drop down and then click the CONTINUE button:
            4. Enter your credit card details if using a credit card and then click the CONTINUE button:
            5. Please note that your payment may not appear to be reflected in your balanced due on the order until HolidayCoro customer service processes your payment.

            Updated: 26 Apr 2019 06:07 AM
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